Listen to the Bible + Theology of Work Bible Commentary on the PRS App

Link / Produced by TOW Project and Partners
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We're pleased to announce that is now available on the PRS app.

With, you can you listen to the Bible and the Theology of Work Bible Commentary. provides an easy way for working Christians to:

  • Hear the Bible read out loud
  • Learn how the Bible relates to the world of work
  • Apply those lessons to their own work

God has a purpose for your work. And with over 800 passages that apply to work, the Bible can help you connect to God's wisdom, encouragement, and guidance.

On Your Mobile Device

  1. Open the app store on your device: Apple, Android
  2. Search for “Public Reading of Scripture”
  3. Download the app

  1. From the home screen, click the button for Theology of Work
  1. Select your plan
  1. Watch videos directly from the app is produced in partnership by the Theology of Work Project and Public Reading of Scripture.