God’s Word for Work: Online Bible Study

Small Group Study / Produced by TOW Project
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God’s Word for Work is a simple, easy, free way for you to have an online Bible study. Explore God's guidance and purpose for your work today. Use it with friends, co-workers, your small group, anyone you want to study the Bible with!

No preparation is needed. All you have to do is gather your group using an online videoconference service. Then, share your screen and play the video we provide. The video walks you through a complete Bible study, including the Bible passage, commentary, prayer, and time for group discussion. Each session is 45 minutes. You can do all the sessions or pick the ones you want.

# Session Title Topic Area Video Length
1 The Search for Meaning at Work (Ecclesiastes 2:1-24) Finding Meaning at Work 12:57
2 The Value of Face to Face Communication (2 John) Working with Others 7:51
3 Creating Economic Opportunities for the Poor (Ruth 2) Leadership 14:19
4 The Eternal Value of Your Work (Revelation 21) Finding Meaning at Work 15:42
5 Finding God's Calling for Your Work (Romans 12) Calling 13:15
6 Leadership Beyond Rank and Power (Philemon) Leadership 15:10
7 Suffering and Hardship at Work (Job 30) Finding Meaning at Work 13:53
8 Working with Nonbelievers (2 Corinthians 6) Working with Others 23:42
9 The World Needs Your Talents (Matthew 25:14-46) Calling 12:40
10 How to Resolve Conflict at Work (Matthew 18:1-20) Working with Others 9:09
11 God's Intention for Work (Genesis 2) Finding Meaning at Work 14:16
12 How to Use Your Power at Work for Good (Matthew 5) Leadership 18:14
13 What the Ten Commandments Mean for Your Work (Exodus 20) Working with Others 14:25
14 Servant Leadership (John 13) Leadership 11:59
15 Praying vs Doing (Nehemiah 2) Calling ​15:36
16 How to Work for God in Everything (Colossians 3) Finding Meaning at Work 11:29
17 Reflecting God's Character at Work (Proverbs 31) Calling 10:27
18 Should You Invest in Someone Else's Success? (Genesis 40) Working with Others 10:20
19 How Can I Serve God in My Occupation? (Luke 3:1-20) Calling 8:25
20 Working Within a Fallen System (Esther 2-4) Working with Others 23:58
21 Past Success Doesn’t Ensure the Future (Judges 8) Leadership 15:54
22 Tackling the World's Biggest Challenges (Genesis 41:15-47) Calling 12:10
23 Blending Work and Family (Song of Songs 2) Working with Others 8:55
24 How to Choose a Leader (1 Samuel 9:1-22) Leadership 10:44

>How to Invite People and Get Started

Interested in a leading a study, but not sure how to get started? Check out our Guide for Leading a God's Word for Work Bible Study. We also have sample email, PDF, and social media invitations here.

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All of us at the Theology of Work Project are so excited about what God will do through these studies in your life and the lives of your friends!

While there is no requirement to register your group, we’d love to learn about it! Please let us know at gwfw [at]

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