“How Has the Church Informed Your Work?” - Steve Norris

Video / Produced by The High Calling

It's easy to apply the same rhetoric to our Christian lives as we do in our professional ones. We tend to want to gauge success in terms of measurable results, but isn't that pretty much the opposite of what Jesus was about? At least from what I understand, it is.

Christian faith depends on things without measure: the grace of God, and our need for Him. It can be hard to feel like what you say in a meeting, in a conversation, or on the commute to work could play any significant role in the context of the Kingdom, but it can, even if it's not in ways we understand or immediately perceive.

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TRANSCRIPT: One of the church's big failures is that they are silent about work to a large extent. A lot of what we do in our work has great Kingdom value, but it's not the kind of stuff we learn in Church. It's very different than that, and it's much more subtle.

I think it was an evolutionary thing of realizing that I didn't need to win 400 people for Jesus in my job; I didn't need to have a Bible study at work every day to be of value. I could just really love people for who they were and enjoy them and help them to try and find joy in their work. So, I think all those things just happened when I stopped stressing out.

I think we play a numbers game in the Church a lot, and I don't remember Jesus being about numbers very much, at least the parts I understand about who He is.