“How Do You Value Your Coworkers?” - Doug Barr

Video / Produced by The High Calling

No matter how big a company gets, it's impossible to have relationships without personal interaction. While this may not mean you get to be best friends with your CEO, how many coworkers do we see every day and not say more than a few words to?

Relationships are important for leadership, but aren't relationships important for their own sake as well? We need to be intentional with our coworkers, communicating well and investing in their lives. This is a good business practice, yes. But especially for Christians, it's what we're called to do.

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TRANSCRIPT: We have a thing at Goodwill. Our territory is 31,000 square miles. It's huge. So the bigger the organization, the more detached people feel from it. So one day a month, I get in my car with some senior managers, and we go out and we visit these outlying locations. In a year, I'll be seeing everybody. We've got 2,200 staff; I'll have seen everybody. Just being there and thanking them for what they do—coming from a leader is enormous. I make phone calls once a week for an hour and a half, thanking donors. You know what they say? "I've never had a CEO call me about a donation I made. Sometimes I don't even get an acknowledgement." So I think in giving people that sense of worth on a one on one basis, God will use you in a way that you will be surprised by...if you will be open to it and if you understand that each interaction is an opportunity to transmit the respect, the integrity, the service, and the excellence that God is holding out to you. Those are secular values, but you can find Scriptural connections to every one of them.