“How do You Make Hard Decisions?” - J. B. Wood

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Sometimes organizations have to make big changes. As a leader, enforcing these changes can be the hardest part of your job, especially if the decision is an unpopular one. Often it's tempting to become either a "good cop" or a "bad cop"—making allowances in order to smooth things along, or enforcing the new rules with extreme prejudice, without worrying about the people they affect.

Neither of these positions is going to work out very well in the long run. Transparency is the best policy. Helping people understand the reasons why changes have to happen can go a long way towards getting them on board, and taking the time to explain shows that you respect them and care about how the changes will affect them. Communication may not make a transition painless, but demonstrating that you value the people you work with is key to leading them effectively.

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