“How Can a Leader Stay Motivated?” - Tod Bolsinger

Video / Produced by The High Calling

Anyone who has found themselves in a position of leadership can tell you: where people are involved, nothing is static. Organizing events, projects, and teams is an exercise in flexibility, requiring constant adjustment and adaptation in order to remain effective. Leaders have to be teachable, which means that they have to be humble, right?

And that is certainly not a bad thing. Being challenged is hard, but it can also be fun, can't it? We grow when we have to look past our own way of seeing things, or accommodate our ideas with those of other people. It's an exercise in more than effective leadership; working together effectively is an exercise in the charity we need to live in community.

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TRANSCRIPT: What keeps me motivated is learning. I am a learner first and foremost. And so as long as there are challenges in front of me that keep stretching me to grow, I'm motivated. Part of what really keeps me going is being in the place of leader as learner. And if I see myself as leading a learning community, where we're always trying to adapt and grow and change, then there's constant challenges.

The more a leader knows his self or herself, so that they're able to know what truly motivates them the more they'll stay motivated. What never works is externals, at least not for long. I can't do anything for somebody else that long. It's got to come from who I am and what gets me up in the morning anyway.