When God Manages Your Money: July 5 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Work brings us many blessings, sometimes even including money. Money can be a taboo topic, which is a shame, because many people struggle with anxiety over money. This week,our authors bring money and faith into the open. Read on, and check out our 3-day devotional on overcoming money anxiety.

Get What You’re Worth Without Guilt

From The High Calling

If my work is part of fulfilling God’s call on my life, how can ministry and money co-exist? Read more

When You Make a Lot of Money

From The High Calling

When my friend arrived and knocked at the open door of my office, his entire expression changed. Read more

Money and God’s Provision

From the Theology of Work Project

You may own property or have money, and you certainly have a right to use them. But in the end, everything you own belongs to God. Read more