What To Do When Work Has No Meaning: June 8 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling

Maybe you once approached your job with joy and enthusiasm. You found your calling and you poured your life into it. Or maybe your job has always just been a means to get by. You work because you have to put food on the table. No matter which viewpoint you take, there will be days that feel like drudgery. Sometimes your job just stinks.

In this newsletter we’ll hear from someone whose crummy job sparked a moment of self-realization. We’ll hear words of springtime hope for all the winters of our lives, including work-related ones. And we’ll be reminded that even the author of Ecclesiastes sometimes felt like all his work was in vain. You’re not alone.

All these writers remind us that the pain of meaningless work is real, but so is grace. Christ came to restore everything — even, believe it or not, your crummy job. Read on.

Dear God, Thank You for this Crummy Job

From The High Calling

David Rupert looks at a gloomy job situation from a different angle and finds...thankfulness.

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All Things New In the Winter of Despair

From The High Calling

What if God is already springing up flowers of hope in the dead seasons we experience? Could this hope actually change whether or not our work matters in the here and now?

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Upsetting Us to the Glory of God: Conclusions from Ecclesiastes

From the Theology of Work Project

Ecclesiastes offers two insights unmatched anywhere else in scripture: 1) an unvarnished account of work under the conditions of the Fall, and 2) a witness of hope in the darkest circumstances of work.

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