No Screens in Heaven? September 21 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Will there be technology in heaven? If so, what technology will we take to heaven? And what is technology, anyway? God placed humanity on the earth and gave us instructions to take care of it. Does that mean God had technology in mind right from the beginning?

Technology shapes us in our work and daily lives, but we can shape technology as well, for good or ill. When we are quick to judge technology and find it wanting, we should consider how technology can help us as we partner with God as co-creators and restorers on the earth.

How would we steward technology differently if we thought it might actually have an impact on the kingdom of God? Read on.

This week, The High Calling grieves the death of Howard E. Butt, Jr., founder of many ministries to encourage everyday discipleship, including this one. Read more about his life and legacy here.

Adrift in the Screen Age

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Technology at Work: A Love-Hate Relationship

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God’s Creation is Good

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