I Feel Stupid at Work: May 25 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
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Have you ever Googled “I feel stupid at work?” If you have, you’re not alone. Lots of us feel stupid and wish God, or someone, would help us feel less stupid, or help us get us another job, or help make sure no one ever finds out.

Good news: God is with us even when we feel stupid. In this newsletter we’ll learn how feeling lost at your job might even be a good sign. We’ll hear from a woman who made a big mistake that led to grace, not unemployment. And we’ll be reminded by the Psalms not to succumb to the temptation of despair.

None of us are stupid, but all of us are vulnerable. Luckily, God knows what it feels like to be vulnerable, too. Read on.

It's OK to Feel Stupid Sometimes
From The High Calling
Feeling stupid at work can actually be a good thing for your career.

If You Are Not Making Mistakes…
From The High Calling
...then maybe you’re not learning—says someone who once made a big mistake and lived to tell.
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The Workplace Consequences of Personal Failings
From the Theology of Work Project
We think that God doesn’t really know or care how we and others act at work. Psalm 73 paints a different picture—and ultimately a consoling one.
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