How Can We Help Refugees? June 1 Newsletter

Newsletter / Produced by The High Calling
Flight egypt

More than a million people crossed into Europe in 2015. In the first months of 2016 the pace did not slacken as people tried to escape war and violence in places such as Syria and Afghanistan. As they find new homes in Europe and in the U.S. these refugees face challenges adapting to different cultures that are simultaneously adapting to them.

We may ask ourselves what we can do in our daily work in response to such a vast problem. In this newsletter we’ll hear one woman’s story of what it’s like to work in refugee resettlement. We’ll be reminded that God always seeks justice for those the world forgets. And we’ll hear Biblical lessons about being fair to all in the workplace, including refugees. (For more practical tips on meeting the needs of refugees, click here.)

Take heart: the crisis is great, but God is greater. And he is a God who welcomes all weary wanderers home.

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