“How Important Is Mentoring?” - Jenny White

Video / Produced by The High Calling

So often it can seem like we live in a "DIY" culture. Independence, initiative, and ambition are prime virtues, and you'd better highlight how you've displayed each of them in several places on your resume. There can be, after all, only one "number one."

But aren't we kidding ourselves, just a bit, when we say that all our accomplishments are our own? Behind every successful person is a teacher, a coach, a mentor—someone who inspired, challenged, and instructed. Yes, we may be able to stumble along on our own, but don't we look kind of silly when we do? Everyone needs guidance at some point, and it's the people who learn to ask for it sooner that tend to succeed.

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TRANSCRIPT: The thing I get most excited about is the idea of mentorship. I think part of that is, because in my own experience I wouldn't have left Washington, D. C. and left Wedgewood Circle and gone to Art House had it not been for the role of a mentor. It was her knowing me and it was not that moment. It was the three years she'd spent with me---to have a Paul come alongside Timothy or come alongside of Peter and say, "Yeah, what you're doing is right, but I want to help you."

And, I think in the world, you know, I'm in a world where everybody is willing to do it for a dollar and it's great, I know that people need to do that as consultants and that's important. But, it changes things when someone is saying, "I'm doing this for the Lord, because I see the potential in you."