Herod’s Disturbance

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King Herod was deeply disturbed when he heard this, as was everyone in Jerusalem.

Matthew 2:3

When King Herod heard that wise men from the East had come to town asking about the birth of a new king, he was rightly disturbed. After all, if there were a new king of the Jews, then this spelled the end of Herod's reign and that of his family.

I must confess that most of the time I'm not disturbed by the notion of Jesus as King of kings. In part, this is because I try to live for his kingdom. But another reality lessens my disturbance. It's the fact that I have somehow managed to maintain my own sovereignty even while acknowledging Jesus as King and Lord. Such a compromise, helps me to feel at ease, even though it ultimately contradicts God's rule over my life.

If I were to live this day 100% committed to the kingdom of God, if I were to surrender every decision and every desire to the Lord, I have no doubt that my life would be disturbed. I would be stretched, empowered, and blessed in new ways. I'd be challenged to trust God more of the time with more of myself. Into his hands I'd place my work, my relationships, my thoughts, my family, my disappointments, my hopes. Life would be different . . . disturbed by the transforming presence of the King of kings.

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: How has God disturbed your life? How have you responded? Are you willing to be 100% committed to God today?

PRAYER: Gracious Lord, for over four decades I have confessed you as my Lord. In my own halting and inconsistent way, I have tried to live under your sovereignty. But I must confess that it has been easy for me to share in the rule of my life, to keep certain parts of my life under my own control. Forgive me, Lord, for my incomplete and inconsistent submission to you.

Lord, you know that a part of me fears how you might disturb my life. I am so readily drawn to a life of comfort and familiarity. Yet I know that your ways are the best, and you want to bless me and use me in ways beyond my imagination. So, dear Lord, today I offer you my whole life, all that I am for your kingdom and glory. Disturb my life for your redemptive purposes. May I live for you fully this day! Amen.