A Child’s Faith

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Almost every parent can tell stories about the things they have learned from their children. Sure, kids are messy and loud and try our patience. But children also clearly have the gift of innocent faith. As we get older and wiser and also more cynical, being around children is good therapy. I highly recommend it. There is a reason why Jesus once brought a child and put her in the midst of his disciples and said, "Unless you become as a child, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven." I must say that of all the cute and touching stories of children's faith, Billy Coffey's story about his six-year-old daughter is right up there at the top. I think Billy and his daughter are going to be just fine.

My daughter wants to be a writer. Also a Sunday School teacher, a regular teacher, an artist, and a geologist. The latter come and go depending upon the whims of her six-year-old mind. The former, though, has been a constant in her young life. One she has become more passionate about in the last couple of years. I asked her one morning what exactly she wanted to be a writer of. Fiction? Nonfiction? Poetry? Would she write books or newspaper articles? Would they be secular or religious? The possibilities are many, I told her. Best to narrow things down a bit, even this early in the game. She shrugged her answer and munched another bite of Cheerios. “Books, I guess,” she said. “What kind of books?” “Books for diabetic kids.”...READ MORE