#THClive with Ed Gilbreath

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This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and also his "Letter from Birmingham Jail," written in Alabama when King was jailed in 1963 for nonviolent protest. While many can quote the former, the latter is less known—but no less important.

In fact, the journalist Ed Gilbreath argues that King's letter surpasses the speech and captures him "at the height of his rhetorical powers" with a challenge to Christians, Americans, and human beings alike "to bravely live out the obligations of justice, discipleship and love."

In IVP's ebook exclusive, Remembering Birmingham, Gilbreath offers a timely reflection on the circumstances that led King to write his prison epistle. In three concise chapters, Gilbreath illuminates King's character and mission and demonstrates his holistic view of the gospel—one the church does well to reclaim today.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Edward Gilbreath is an award-winning journalist and author. An editor at large for Christianity Today, Ed was formerly the editor of Today's Christian magazine and the founding editor of Urban Ministries Inc.'s online magazine, Urban Faith.

Ed Gilbreath's Remembering Birmingham: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter to America--50 Years Later is available now on