Community Post: Vocation as Integral, Not Incidental

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Welcome to the West Coast!

I grew up in this part of the world, in the Golden State, just to the south of Oregon. When I was 20 I dropped out of college, living in a commune in the Bay Area for a year. I learned to eat Chinese food with chopsticks in a little greasy spoon in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and week-by -week I hitchhiked between Palo Alto and Berkeley, listening into a world of worldviews, all the while thinking and rethinking my life, and life.

My father was a scientist at the University of California, and he was a good man. A gifted researcher, he was also a thoughtful Christian. I remember one morning driving across the miles of California, he on his way to Berkeley and me on way back to the commune—and we talked for several hours about vocation. I pushed and pushed him, asking him if there was any real difference between a Christian who was a scientist, and a scientist who happened also to be a Christian.

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Image by SEIER+SEIER. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr. Post by Contributing Editor Glynn Young.