Be Yourself: But Carefully

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"Authenticity" is a word that has gained popularity over the last few years. In the Harvard Business Review, Lisa Rosh and Lynn Offermann state, "We’re told to bring our full selves to the office, to engage in frank conversations, and to tell personal stories as a way of gaining our colleagues’ trust and improving group performance. The rise in collaborative workplaces and dynamic teams over recent years has only heightened the demand for 'instant intimacy,' and managers are supposed to set an example."

However, they warn that being too honest or disclosing too much at the office can backfire: "Despite its potential benefits, self-disclosure can backfire if it’s hastily conceived, poorly timed, or inconsistent with cultural or organizational norms—hurting your reputation, alienating employees, fostering distrust, and hindering teamwork. Getting it right takes a deft touch, for leaders at any stage of their careers."

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