Preparing People for Vocational Interviews (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

Trevor Lee, Lead Pastor of Trailhead Church in Littleton Colorado, shares what he's learned about preparing people for workplace interviews. Adding a pastoral meeting to the preparation process has dramatically increased the impact of these interviews, not only for the congregation but for the person being interviewed.


One of the things we’ve been doing for a little while that has been useful in increasing the imagination of our congregation is vocation interviews. We bring someone up [on stage on a Sunday and talk about how their work and faith really are integrated.

Six months ago, we made a change that’s made a tremendous difference. In the past we just gave people the questions and asked them to think about those ahead of time. But six months ago we started asking people to get together to actually talk through those questions with one of our pastoral staff. What that’s done is provided us with a tremendous discipleship opportunity. So many of the people we meet with have no real understanding of how their faith and their work deeply integrate. Instead of them trying to think through it on their own, which is a hard thing to do when you don’t have the framework to do it, we have one of our pastors meet with them and we can ask follow-up questions. We can stoke their imagination. We can give them examples.

So, while the interviews are still helpful for our congregation’s formation, what we’re starting to find is that the greatest benefit of doing those is the deep conversations and discipleship that we can do in meeting one-on-one with people to talk about this type of integration with faith and work.