God’s Vision for Work, Andy Mills (Audio)

Audio / Produced by Individual TOW Project member

This is the second talk of Andy Mills' five-part series on faith and work. Andy Mills is the former CEO of the Thomson Financial and Professional Publishing unit of The Thomson Corporation. He currently serves as the Co-Chairman of the Theology of Work Project.

In his talk, Andy Mills makes the following three points:

1. God is involved in a process that involves us.
2. We are tasked with working and tending creation.
3. He has endowed us with gifts to do what he’s called us to do.

“We need to go through sufficient amounts of hard times and difficulty to get to the place in our relationship with God when it’s about God and not about us. And when we’re in that place God uses us. He works through us. We don’t get in the way.”

This talk is also available for download in iTunes. Click here to listen.