As a Factory Owner, Suzette Munson Feels a Great Responsibility to Love Workers Individually (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

In Mexico factory owners don’t typically interact with their employees on the factory floor. Dave and Suzette Munson buck this trend at Saddleback Leather Company.


One of the things that we have been really passionate about when we are approaching our employees is that we treat them all the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re management or you are cleaning or you are a stitcher, it makes no difference. I’m still going to walk up to you. I’m still going to ask you how you’re doing. I’m still going to love on you – I’m still going to hug you.

In the factory, the spirit has really come alive. The more often we come the more changes we’re able to see. Because there is influence. Anyone who owns a business, you have to know that you’re in a position of influence. And you need to take advantage of that position.

Dave and I go on the floor, which does not happen in factories in Mexico unless you’re being scolded. The owners are not going to come and put their arm around you and they are not going to talk to you, and certainly they do not know your name. So for us, every time we come we walk around and we integrate with the people. We stop and we hug and we ask if there’s anything we can pray for them about. We take our kids with us. And they come alive!

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